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Overview Product

General Chemistry
General chemical products, distribution for large and small industrial chemicals, including household chemicals, chemotherapy, etc.
Cleaning Chemistry

Cleaning Chemistry for body, household, car care, etc.
Textile Chemistry

Textile chemicals, hot dyes color, cold dyes color, sodium hydrosulfite, bleaching powder, etc.
Chemistry for molding and casting

Molding products, general cast resin, fiber resin, plaster powder, silicone rubber etc.
Cosmetic Chemistry

Cosmetic products, various vitamins, fragrances, paints, massage oils, base lotions, additives, etc.
Chemistry for foods

Chemistry for foods, sodium bicarbonate, dactose, citric acid, calcium chloride, sodium benzoate, potassium metabisulfite (KMS), food coloring, etc.
Scientific equipments

Scientific equipments, measuring equipment, test kits, laboratory equipment, scales, safety equipment, etc.
Chemistry for swimming pool

Swimming pool chemicals, chlorine, pH meter, soda ash, hydrochloric acid, alum, copper filter powder, PAC, etc.
Swimming pool equipments

Swimming pool equipment, fabric filter tank, sand filter tank, swimming pool pump, salt maker, underwater light, pool ladder, grating pool, cleaning equipment, spa set, etc.
Water System Equipment

Chemistry for waste water treatments, filters, filters, filters, polymers, water filters, tank cleaners, chlorine water, alum, etc.

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