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Company Profile
The leader in importing all kinds of chemical products for large and small industries. We were established on May 15, 1995 with the 5 affiliated companies as follows
(1) World Chemical Far East Co.,Ltd. (Chiang Mai)
Reg. No 050 553 800 2247

Location: 261/4-5 Mahidol Road, Pa-dad, Muang Chiang Mai 50100
Telephone: 053-204446-7 053-204498 Fax: 053-204465
Contact: Mrs. Chomvarangkana Veerachot  (Managing Director)

(2) World Chemical Supply Co.,Ltd. (Chiang Rai)
Reg. No 057 554 900 0020

Location:  180/14-15 M.2 Rop Wiang, Muang, Chiang Rai 57000 
Telephone: 053-742860-2 Fax: 053-742862
Contact: Mr. Chaichan Hongsamsibjed (General Manager)

(3) World Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd. (Lampang)
Reg. No 052 554 600 0100

Location: 163-165 Lampang-Ngow Superhighway road, Sobtui, Muang Lamphang 52000
Telephone: 054-352861 Fax: 054-352891
Contact: Mr. Chaichan Hongsamsipjed (General Manager)

(4) World Chemical Center Co.,Ltd. (Phitsanulok)
Reg. No 065 554 700 0617

Location: 524/17 Mittraphap road, Nai Muang, Muang Pitsanulok
Telephone: 055-303641, 055-211755  Fax: 055-303117
Contact: Mr. Narongchai Phunnachet (General Manager)

(5) World Chemical Enterprise Co.,Ltd.(Lam Phun)
Reg. No 051 555 200 0230
Location: 109 M.2 Pa-Sak, Muang Lamphun 51000
Telephone: 053-525171-2 Fax: 053-525173
Contact: Mr. Wat Hongpromyad  (General Manager)


- Operational Policy

We emphasize on sale administration, cost management and transportation to help our customer reduce their cost and pay less. As we have 5 affiliated companies cover the North so we can manage transportation efficiently.

- Quality Policy

We are one stop service as we have more than 10,000 products. We import and sell only quality products. We have many alliances and relationship, developing Sale system that can help us providing products or services responding to customer needs.

- Management&Services Policy

We engrossed to get ISO 9001:20018 for our management efficiently.
We display products by category for customer convenience.
You can contact us and find product information at
We also sell products and services for swimming pool.

Type of Chemical products as follow

1. General chemicals such as food industry chemicals, textiles, cleaning, cast-molding, cosmetics, handicrafts, etc.
2. Perfume such a essentials oil, fragrances oil, perfumes oil, natural extract products, natural extracts, chili extract, Prai, Turmeric, coffee etc.
3. Scientific instruments used in laboratories, hospitals, schools, such as test tubes, culture media, etc.
4. Test kit such as food chemical test kit, pH-rust-iron-chlorine-water hardness tester, etc.
5. Color such as food color, fabric dye color, candle color, resin color, etc.
6. Chemical dispenser such as chemical dispenser, etc
7. Water filter products and equipment such as water filter tanks, water filters, water filters
8. Swimming pool products such as filter tanks, pumps, salt chlorinators, UV disinfection systems, cleaning equipment (sediment suction lines, sediment heads), build swimming pools , Installing a swimming pool system, maintaining a swimming pool system


   Sale department: Consult about product details and delivery fees.


   Customer relations department: Suggest our service for better.


มหันตภัยจาก เคมี

Chemicals in our daily life


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